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Cover Except We Teach

Except we Teach

Price - 8.00

Published by Fighting Cock Press Fighting Cock Press

Alan Gillott is an important influence on Yorkshire poetry encouraging crossover between performing, visual and media arts. A recent reviewer described his poetry as “erudite and mellifluous, written with a musical ear for sound and rhythm, and far-ranging in its cultural references. A real treat.” (Wordspace 2016)

Except we Teach - 8.00

Beyond The Window Cover

Beyond the Window

Alan Gillott

Price - 7.50

Published by Fighting Cock Press Fighting Cock Press

Alan Gillott is well known on both sides of the Atlantic as a poet, co-host of the Spoken Word 'open mic' in York. His first full collection takes us from England to the United States, India and places between. The journey is fascinating, thought provoking and always entertaining.

Beyond the Window - 7.50

Temp Safety Cover Front 2 400

Temporary Safety

Rose Drew

Price - 6.50

Second Edition published by Fighting Cock Press Fighting Cock Press


Temporary Safety was awarded ninth position in the Purple Patch Top Twenty Individual Collections List for 2011. Rose appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011 and is in demand for readings throughout the North of England. She is co-host of York's popular monthly 'open mic', The Spoken Word

Temporary Safety - 6.50

Don Walls

Stairwell Books is pleased to be able to offer back numbers of Don’s books here in our bookshop. The proceeds from these books are donated by Don to the St. Leonard’s Hospice that looked after his son when he was terminally ill.

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Don is possibly the most important poet after Auden to emerge from York and he is not as well known as he should be.
Don Walls is an extremely gifted poetwho deserves a national reputation. He has a breathtaking range of workfrom tender lyrics to engaging narrative poems, from sharply perceptive observations of the everyday to the devastatingly funny.
Dr. Ben Harker, Biographer and Musician.

Don’s later books, Somewhere Else, The Beggars of York and A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever are available from the Stairwell Books bookshop.

In the Shed

In The Shed

Don Walls


Published by Deadgood Publications

Includes such gems as Norm, Triangle, In the Shed and Doodling.
I like the humour, retrospection, use of ordinary language and objects to suggest themes of greater scope.
Dr. Kate Davies, York University.

In the Shed - 6.95

Don Walls Inside Out

Inside Out

Don Walls


Published by Deadgood Publications

This collection sweeps seamlessly from piercing sharp snapshots of of memory and childhood to imaginary dogs, bookmites and floating mammoths.
Dr. Doug Field, Stafford University.

Inside Out - 7.95

Don Walls Somewhere


Don Walls


Published by Deadgood Publications

Don’s shed must be full to overflowing. He is both a fantasist and realist, freeing himself from convention on flights of fancy and yet tied inexorably to the past. Age weathers him rather than withers him and the world is still a better place for his wit.
Charles Hutchinson, York Press

Somewhere - 7.95