Tanya Nightingale

Tanya was born into the otherwise uneventful township of Grantham  (also famous for Isaac Newton and infamous for Margaret Thatcher), before the wanderlust that has always characterised her hurled her across England to study great English literature. First she studied at Lord Mayor Treloar College, Hampshire, where she honed her incisive perceptions and developed her headstrong nature. Two life-changing experiences occurred while she was studying here: one was her first trip to Russia, a country with which she has had a special kinship ever since; secondly, she was first introduced to The Orpheus Trust, a performing arts centre in Surrey, where she collaborated with Richard Stilgoe  on her first song. Next, Tanya’s continuing educational career took her to Lancaster University for her Bachelor of Arts degree, where she immersed herself in the immortal classics of our fair Isles; and then on to the University of York where her passion for the theatre flourished. Here it was that she fell in love with the full-blooded revenge tragedies of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, for which she still has a particular fascination to this day.

It was also in the small but attractive town of York that Tanya’s writing career hit the ground running. Her output mushroomed in poetry which she has been performing ever since at events all over York and the surrounding area. Her tightly-crafted, resonate pieces have won awards – notably the Yorkshire Open Poetry Competition and the Ryedale Prize – and been published in a plethora of magazines, including Orbis, Dream Catcher The Stare’s Nest, Other Poetry and an anthology of poems inspired by the Bard, Sweet Breath and Acid Tongue.

Tanya sees poetry primarily as an oral-aural medium rather than a written one. She has performed her work on stage, as part of International Women’s Week two years running, and at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe, the Galtres Festival and the York and Malton Literature Festivals. Tanya was also invited the Keats-Shelley House in Rome. She is also no stranger to radio, having read on East Leeds/ Chapel FM Radio and Radio Ryedale. 

Tanya likes ballet, dogs, luxury chocolate, the countryside, autumn, Russia (its culture and people, not Putin!), donkeys and new experiences. She doesn’t like the corporate obsession with packaging or people who wave their pants in the air. Her plan is to acquire, legally or otherwise, large amounts of money so that she can give it all away again.