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Cover The Go-to Guy

The Go-to Guy

Killers for hire are usually shy. Advertising and PR tends to bring them the wrong kind of attention, so they rely on trusted intermediaries to bring them new business.
Tom Masson is one of these, a go-to guy, that trusted intermediary between those who need less than legal services and the specialists who are only too happy to carry them out.
Suzanne Croft is just such a client with the ambition to become a widow.
Liam Divorty, an Islington used car dealer, ekes out his income as a killer for hire. Though he's good, there's not enough demand to take up the profession full time.
When Liam arrives at the home of the intended victim, he discovers him inconveniently dead, with the police quickly on the scene.
With Divorty banged-up in jail and his powerful friends out for revenge, Masson must find answers to a lot of questions, and fast.

Cover Abernathy


A small town is just a jail with no bars. Trapped, always watched, always watching, and the question is: are you the jailer, or the inmate?
In Abernathy, Claire Patel-Campbell's debut novel, you're dropped into Small Town America: which could be small-town England; small-town anywhere. You feel the frost in your bones, your breath freezes, and you shiver with dread. You become one with the residents: walk the same streets, drink the same bad coffee, and feel as claustrophobic, or as powerful, as one can in a tiny town with secrets.
It all starts with a body, frozen in the snow. Who she is, and why she came to be there, will be the plucked thread that may cause the whole town to unravel.

"I fell into the story and the characters: there is a swiftly developing complexity and a feel of disaster that is compelling. There is that sense of anarchy about it which I think is one of the markers of Americanness. Always odd that a country so dominated by legalities should feel so lawless."
Alan Smith, author of Her Majesty's Philosophers

Cover Tyrants Rex

Tyrants Rex

In a distant future where technology and fantasy intertwine, Mycul Zas, an idealistic young man cheated of his inheritance by his uncle, is thrust into a perilous world of betrayal, prophecy, and genetically engineered monsters.
'Sent' by his uncle to 'see the world' and find his missing father, Mycul soon discovers the depth of his betrayal when he is sold to a geneticist. Here he meets the mordonts, human monsters engineered millennia ago to be great warriors. With their help he escapes and vows revenge, not just for himself, but for his father, the mordonts, and against the oppressors that let this happen.

Torn between fate, loyalty, equivocal prophesies and the enmity of the Protector, he teams up with a one-handed assassin, an exiled prince, a scientist with a murky past, a drunken giant, and a necromancer's daughter. Together they strive to overthrow a tyrannical regime and destroy the restraints of destiny itself.

Cover Rapeseed


What is it like to discover you were born because your mother was raped by a stranger? Sam discovers this awful truth, and gradually comes to terms with it. Is it a coincidence that her job as an academic researcher requires her to  investigate 'Rapeseeds', the children of rape victims? Does the manner of their conception have  effects on their psychological or intellectual development?
When Sam attempts to fulfill a long-held ambition to meet her natural father, she is drawn into a web of chance and intrigue that leads inexorably to danger. Does anyone love her enough to save her from herself?
Avoiding the sensationalism of media coverage, Sam's story brings the terrible crime of rape into focus through the lives of ordinary human beings who have to overcome the tragedy rape. It's a story of love and friendship, of obsession, and a 'leave the lights on' nail-biting thriller.

“The primary aim of the book, though entertaining, is to expose the reader to the horrors of rape, its effects on people, and research’s ethical dilemmas. In this it is faultless. The story crucially compares consensual loving sex with forced and ugly assault, grabs the reader’s attention, while allowing them to think about the moral and ethical problems of rape, both personal Waterstonesand methodological, it exposes.”
Christopher Nuttall, former Director of Research and Statistics, Home Office


How to be a Man

Frank, Jason, Bernard and Eve: friends caught up in petty crime, fine art, and dangerous partnerships. Is it ever too late to remake yourself, to paint yourself a brand new shiny life?
It can take endurance and fortitude to survive prison, but there is a price to be paid. How does this play out in the ordinary world? Jason with all his lonely prison virtues meets Frank who is adrift and selfish in his habitual way. Jason shows Frank how to behave and changes him. Frank, of course, changes Jason.
As a journalist Alan Smith has been in the business of observing and reporting on life’s events. In
Her Majesty’s Philosophers Smith reports on the reality of life for criminals and prisoners, a book described as “a penal affairs classic which every student of crime and punishment should read.” How to be a Man is the companion volume that anyone who lives a charmed life must read. Every prison sentence is a sentence for life: and we are all but one small slip away.
After fourteen years of teaching philosophy in Prison, Alan Smith has aWaterstonesn in depth understanding of the life and culture of those caught up in the crime and prison merry-go-round.

Cull Valley Cover Manager 2

Here in the Cull Valley

What goes through your head as time stands still in the seconds before you die? Journalist Teddy Beresford is about to find out.
   When he is killed on a notorious stretch of road, everyone assumes that it was an accident.
   The key to what really happened lies in Teddy’s bizarre, newspaper-style diary. There is his torrid affair with the driver, a married woman, but his downfall goes far deeper, into a world of broken promises, backstabbing and deceit.
   Here in the Cull Valley is a brilliantly perceptive tragi-comedy. This is a novel about betrayal and the destructive nature of sexual obsession.

   The story offers a fascinating insight into the vanishing world of Britain’s regional newspapers as, through the diary and two other compelling and Waterstonesunique story-telling devices, the tragedy and its roots are laid bare

Border 7 Cover

Border 7

An overcrowded planet
Dwindling resources
Dominant corporations controlling food, medicine and work
Those on the outside scrabbling to survive

In this companion novel to The Keepers Pauline Kirk captures the stark reality of a world that is not too far away.

Jude is a skilled member of The Corporation's security force. Cracks are beginning to appear in the system and dissatisfaction is growing. Soon even Jude begins to doubt the benevolence of the omnipotent Corporation to which she is pledged until the day she dies.  In this world of subterfuge, traitors and spies, trusting the wrong person can be a death Waterstonessentence. Jude has to learn to trust and to earn the trust of people who have every reason to be suspicious of an agent of The Corporation.

Geology of Desire

The Geology of Desire                                   

What do you do when you witness your erstwhile girlfriend being pushed over the cliff at Whitby Abbey? Go to the police? Well… perhaps there are complications: it was a policeman doing the pushing; and my being there might easily be construed as complicity or even guilt; and more to the point, I knew the policeman. Well! I had known Bartholomew Fair since childhood, he was almost family.

I was studying geology at Hull, I knew this coast like the back of my hand, or thought I did. This one event had me re-evaluating not just the rocks on the North Yorkshire shore but the layers of relationships with my friendsWaterstones, cleaner, tutor, Carrie, my girlfriend, the now dead Drew, my parents; and what did this have to do with events during the last war?

HL Front Cracked 2a


Luke Kennedy keeps his secrets close to his chest.

Introverted,painfully distrustful, he shares nothing with anyone.

But this summer, Luke and Seb – his only friend – travel to his hometown in midwest America, a trip that will force him to confront his past. Reliving childhood demons he thought he had left behind, Luke's entire life will be turned upside down. Will these changes be for the better?

Homelands is the coming-of-age story about a young man's Waterstonesquest for closure and understanding; a tale of love, hate, growth and, above all, the importance of friendship.


Crow Cover 3a

When the Crow Cries                                  

What would you do if you found a doorway to another world?

When Robyn becomes friends with Victoria, James and Elliot they show her how to reach higher and further than she could ever imagine. It all seems fun at first. The greatest adventure of their lives. But something darker is stirring in the other world. It's getting harder to leave.
Breaking the barriers across time and space may be fun at first but the key to get back is lost and they can't get home until that moment When the Crow Cries.
Maxine Ridge delivers a strong opening to her Two Worlds trilogy with  an extraordinary take on time and place providing a compelling commentary on innocence and experience, knowledge and discovery thatWaterstones compels the reader to keep on reading, to the unexpected ending.
This is the book you will not put down. Illustrations are by Helen Ridge.

Foul Play

Foul Play

This intriguing detective story introduces DI Ambrose in the first of three tales of murder most foul in a fog bound theatre with a cast of eccentric actors to keep the reader engaged until the very last page. This novel is the first cooperation by mother daughter duo Pauline Kirk and Jo Summers writing as PJ Quinn.
Set in a partially bombed out theatre in the sleepy town of Chalk Heath where the leading lady is attacked on stage during a rehearsal. This is postwar austerity Britain, James Dean, Danny Kaye and Brian Rix are all the rage, yet in Chalk Heath, culture is represented by the Players. Ambrose and his team set about finding the killer.
This was a time when forensic science was in its infancy and crime scene processing was primarily good observation with a bit of fingerprint analysis and blood typing thrown in to taste. For the crime novelist this period allows for good character development and greater freedom to explore the relationships between all the principals. Foul Play is an exemplary tale of high drama in a dramatic setting while Ambrose, who remembers the theatre in is prewar glory, and coping with his own wayward son, Waterstonesattempts to reconcile his younger self, his son;  the damaged theatre and acting troupe with the essential business of solving the crime.

Poison Pen

Poison Pen

This DI Ambrose mystery, the second of three tales of murder most foul begins on a train in India and continues back in sleepy Chalk Heath, the patch of DI Paul Ambrose. This novel is the second cooperation by mother daughter duo Pauline Kirk and Jo Summers writing as PJ Quinn.

This charming sequel to PJ Quinn’s first DI Ambrose Mystery, Poison Pen, takes DI Ambrose under cover at a writers’ retreat in Chalk Heath, to determine the circumstances leading to a suspicious death on an Indian railway train. This retreat is not only a challenge to Ambrose’s investigative skills but to his cullinary and writing skills too; Ambrose is also kept busy avoiding low beams and unwanted amorous attention.Waterstones

This novel features Ambrose’s team of detectives including DS Winters and WPC Meadows, both of whom are establishing their own following.

Close Disharmony Cover 3

Close Disharmony

DI Ambrose’s third mystery by Mother and Daughter, Pauline Kirk and Jo Summers, writing as PJ Quinn, takes us into the world of choral singing delightfully reminding us of all the petty jealousies that pervade any group of amateur performers especially when things get a little competitive.

When a famous close harmony choir visits Chalk Heath, tensions are rife. DI Paul Ambrose feels a sense of foreboding, but is powerless to prevent the murder of one of the singers.  Does the choir include a murderer, or is the death connected to the recent thefts in town? And is there a thief at the hotel where the choir is staying? DI Ambrose’s colleagues make his job even harder.  WPC Pauline Meadows has Waterstonesbeen singing with the choir and PC Sutton’s wife is their accompanist in Chalk Heath. Can DI Ambrose and DS Winters solve the mystery before the choir returns home?

Wine Dark, Sea Blue

Wine Dark, Sea Blue

Arts graduate of a recession generation, Ellie Kazakis has a lot of problems. But finding an actual job is the least of them. There are the complications surrounding her grandmother's death, the secrets she seems to be keeping from everyone around her, and her own addiction to One Night Friendships- the only time she feels alive is when she knows she doesn't have to see those strangers ever again.

Wine Dark, Sea Blue is about being what people need you to be, and what happens when all those obligations start to blur. Do you keep the secrets, or do you break?

This is the debut novel of the London writer A.L. Michael. This novel is edgy and explores a culture where jobs are hard to come by and drugs are only too easy to find yet it also explores the role of family and Waterstonesfriendship in these difficult times.
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Carlol's Christmas

Carol’s Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and in Acacia Avenue the lights are on, big style - flashing lights on every house - except at number 26 where Brian sits in darkness waiting for his daughter Carol to come home. This will be the first Christmas they will have spent together since Edna died.

The heart warming tale of a father, a daughter, a pair of ice skates and a set of flashing lights.

This story is the first of a series of 'Entertainments': too long for a short story, too short for a novel or novella. It is a story that can be read in one go - in an evening, in an afternoon, on the train, on the plane, wherever, whenever



An uproarious comedy set in the heart of Spain involving three vats of paella, a marching band and a herd of mountain goats. We have all wondered what the locals get up to behind our backs while we’re away on holiday – this story lets you in on the secret.

It’s late September and in the little town of Orecha it is time for the annual festival. But a terrorist has hijacked the paella van, the Chief of Police is drunk and The Mayor is having an affair with a flamenco dancer – all of which leaves Pepe in charge. Pepe – young, handsome, and desperately in love with Rosita.

Readers who remember Clochmerle will enjoy this wonderful tale

A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

A gritty drama of deceit, determination and revenge played out on Epsom Downs. We’ve all wondered what the lads do when they’re let out on their own – this story tells you the truth.

Car mechanic Baz could have been a contender but an accident at work put paid to his sporting career – and when the mob start turning up at the garage, he begins to get suspicious. Things aren’t altogether right in the marriage department either, so when the boss calls for a day out, Baz sees a chance to get it all sorted....

A thrilling finish combining the great british love of the geegees and blood sports.