Clint Wastling

Clint OutdoorsClint was born in Beverley, Yorkshire and returned there in the mid 1990's after a spell in London as a chemistry teacher. Five years ago he went part time and began a career in FE. Through his life he's enthused and bored numerous friends, wife and kids going on about geology and taking people fossil hunting. His enthusiasm started when he thought he saw something interesting in a cliff section and got a good close up view as he slid down the slope to a miraculous safe landing. Considering this fate, he went on to take a degree in geology and work in the oil exploration industry.  Living life from a suitcase in B&B's drove him to turn to teaching, though he had to fall back on chemistry as his first love was squeezed out of the curriculum.

Going part time, not surprisingly gave Clint more opportunity to write and first on the agenda was completing his geology themed crime novel, The Geology of Desire. He set this crime drama in the area he grew up: Hull and North Yorkshire and there the similarity ends.

The Geology of Desire, is a coming of age crime drama set in Hull and Whitby. It features an undergraduate geologist  from Hull University who gets into trouble after witnessing a bent copper murdering his ex-girlfriend. The scenery is spectacular, the geology caused revolutions in science but the people he meets show the darker side of human nature as everything he trusts crumbles away. All David Jones has to do is figure out just who is doing the killing before he becomes the next victim.

Clint has appeared at open mics and literature festivals across the county reading poetry. He's recently had successes in magazines like Gold and Pastiche. His short stories have been published around the world, if you'd like to read one, start with Calico Blue, on Kindle. This story tells of a farmer and his life across the 20th century.

Two full length plays have been produced in the USA by Shoestring Radio Theatre. One of these being available free on Facebook: