Stairwell Books is developing an extensive catalogue of poetry, short stories, essays and novels. We continue to look for the best writers to ensure that our readers will enjoy any of the books that we promote. This is a crowded market place and it is our intent that we, as publishers, single out the best writing we can find and present it to you as writing you can be sure is readable, enjoyable and well produced.

We have split our catalogue into four sections:

  • Collections of poetry and prose written by an individual author,
  • Anthologies of poetry and prose submitted by predominantly but not exclusively Yorkshire writers
    Stairwell Books typically publishes one themed anthology every year.
  • Novels and short stories.
    This list includes the DI Ambrose Mysteries by PJ Quinn and N.E. David’s shorter novellas, or as he describes them, entertainments.
  • Dream Catcher Magazine
    Dream Catcher has its own web site and available issues and opportunities to subscribe are listed there.

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