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The Martyrdoms at Clifford's Tower 1190 and 1537

The Martyrdoms at Clifford's Tower 1190 and 1537

John Rayne-Davis


On March 16th 1190 anti-semitic rioting led to the eventual deaths of the entire Jewish community in York. On 12th of July 1537 Robert Aske was one of 216 Catholics executed by Henry VIII

The Martyrdoms at Cliffords Tower - £12.00

Cover The Go-to Guy

The Go-To Guy

Neal Hardin

Price £8.00

Suzanne Croft’s ambition is to become a widow. Tom Masson is the go-to guy between her and killer for hire Liam Divorty who discovers the intended victim is inconveniently dead.

The Go-to Guy - £8.00

Cover Abernathy


Claire Patel-Campbel

Price £10.00

 It all starts with a body, frozen in the snow. Who she is, and why she came to be there, will be the plucked thread that may cause the whole town to unravel. 

Aberenathy - £10.00

Cover The River Was a God

The River Was a God

David Lee Morgan

Price £8.00

A computer wakes up in the year 2035, on the eve of the world socialist revolution. Fighting has broken out all over the globe. For the first time, the US military has used tactical nuclear weapons on its own population.

The River Was a God - £8.00

Cover A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

A Thing of Beauty

Don Walls

Price £8.00

The musings of a brilliant poet and humanitarian at the end of his life. He recollects the people who have been important to him, aqnd the places that influenced him.

A Thing of Beauty - £8.00

Cover Gooseberries


Val Horner

Price £8.00

The poems of Val Horner, exquisitely illustrated by her daughter Tina, in turn illustrate why Val is such a popular poet.

Gooseberries - £8.00

Cover A Shadow in My Life

A Shadow in my Life

Rita Jerram

Price £10.00

This ground breaking memoir tells the story of a teenager confined in a 1950s sanatorium and of the  lives of her fellow patients in an isolation ward.

A Shadow in My Life - £10.00

Cover The Grubby Feather Gang

The Grubby Feather Gang

Antony Wootten

Price £6.00

George's father is branded a coward for refusing to fight. Worse, the school bully hangs George upside-down from the hayloft, and later, George gets the cane! With help from Emma, he takes drastic revenge He could never have predicted what happens next.

The Grubby Feather Gang - £6.00

Cover Season of the Mammoth

Season of the Mammoth

Antony Wootten

Price £6.00

Geb and Tanesh, along with their  friend, Scrim, are caught in the middle as the tribe splits apart over the wanderers who travel to their valley to hunt mammoths.
Season of the Mammoth is a Stone Age story of family, friendship, intolerance and injustice.

Season of the Mammoth - £6.00

Cover Tyrants Rex

Tyrants Rex

Clint Wastling

Price £10.00

Mycul Zas, cheated of his inheritance, is thrust into a world of betrayal, prophecy, and genetically engineered monsters.
Torn between fate, loyalty, prophesy and the enmity of the Protector, he strives to overthrow a tyrannical regime and destroy the restraints of destiny itself.

Tyrants Rex - £10.00

Cover Mouse Pirate

Mouse Pirate

Dawn Treacher

Price: £7.00

Wilfred wants to be a Pirate but real pirates find treasure.
Wilfred and Parrot go on a dangerous adventure under the sea where anything could be lurking.
Written and delightfully illustrated by Dawn Treacher

Mouse Pirate - £7.00

Cover Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something

Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something

Maria Stephenson

Price  £8.00


Survival after becoming single at forty requires a complete change.
Only someone who has undergone such a  transformation can  observe the toxicity of a dying relationship and remark on the vibrant new person who flies free.

Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something - £8.00

Cover Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Harry Gallagher

Price £8.00

A celebration of this last generation who spent their lives "fighting iron": men bound by a common purpose and by the communities they lived in; sculpted by industry and polished with grit now abandoned to archaeologists.

Northern Lights - £8.00

Cover Rapeseed


Alwyn Marriage

Price: £10.00

What is it like to discover you were born because your mother was raped by a stranger? When Sam attempts to fulfil a long-held ambition to meet her natural father, she is drawn into a web of chance and intrigue that leads inexorably to danger.

Rapeseed - £10.00

Cover Nothing Is Meant to be Broken

Nothing is Meant to be Broken

Mark Connors

Price: £8.00

Connors debut collection opens up his landscapes - personal, political, geographical - and invites us in. From Leeds to Mull and Donegal via the highways of Arizona and beyond, these poems radiate a warmth - and an easy, quiet skill.

Nothing is Meant to be Broken - £8.00

Cover Heading for the Hills

Heading for the Hills

Gillian Byrom-Smith

Price: £8.00

The result of the remarkable collaboration between Gillian and Peter Byrom-Smith.
Gillian’s style is fittingly pastoral and dovetails seamlessly with the oeuvre of British song writing developed over the last century.  

Heading for the Hills - £8.00

Cover Rhinocerous


Daniel Richardson

Price: £8.00

A collection of short stories described bt Fay Weldon as “a delight...”  “Written in a prose which could be poetry, strong on humour, low in self-pity: about the intractabilities of the material world.“

Rhinocerous - £8.00

Cover More Exhibitionism

More Exhibitionism

Price: £8.00

An anthology of poems and short stories from the Spoken Word in York

More Exhibitionism - £8.00

Cover Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Lance Clark

Price £10.00

A collection of self-discovery: stories of humour and darkness, greed and awakening; each tale with a woman as the protagonist. These stories explore the myriad ways women perceive their lives, and how events can inspire remarkable change.

Know Thyself - £10.00

Cover Thinking of You Always

Thinking of you Always

Lewis Hill
Ed. Pauline Kirk

Price £10.00

A remarkable insight into the lives of servicemen, and women during the Second World War. Lew describes the rigours of day to day life on and off the base. A remarkable testament to a unique man and the endurance of his love for his wife through five years of separation.

Thinking of you Always - £10.00

Beggars Cover Manager 2

The Beggars of York

Don Walls

Price £8.00

Don Walls’ verse play documenting the problems facing people, particularly those with mental health problems, living on the streets. First performed as part of the York Theatre Royal’s Takeover Festival.

Beggars of York - £8.00


How to be a Man

Alan Smith

Price £10.00

Frank, Jason, Bernard and Eve: friends caught up in petty crime, fine art, and dangerous partnerships. Is it ever too late to remake yourself, to paint yourself a brand new shiny life?

How to be a Man - £10.00

Cull Valley Cover Manager 2

Here in the Cull Valley

John Wheatcroft

Price £10.00

What goes through your head as time stands still in the seconds before you die? Journalist Teddy Beresford is about to find out. When he is killed on a notorious stretch of road, everyone assumes that it was an accident. The key to what really happened lies in Teddy's bizarre, newspaper-style diary.

Here in the Cull Valley - £10.00

Lodestone hb1


Hannah Stone

Price £8.00

Poems full of the tiny fallibilities of a writer immersed in history and theology, yet constantly charmed and distracted by the vagaries of nature and the follies of people.

Lodestone - £8.00

A Multitude of Things front cover

A Multitude of Things

David Cleg

Price £8.00

This collection of short plays, some performed, some new, is a selection of found moments, found poetry if you will, gathered from real live and placed in a new context.

A Multitude of Things - £8.00

Unsettled Accounts Cover

Unsettled Accounts

Tony Lucas

Price £8.00

Tony Lucas demonstrates his consistently luminous and observant poetry that encompasses change and yet recognises the stillness of people and the environment in which they live. He reminds us that we all have a span and living is a form of unfinished business.

Unsettled Accounts - £8.00

Learning to Breathe Cover

Learning to Breathe

John Gilham

Price £8.00

John Gilham offers a strong sense of the past forming a springboard for reflections on our present and future. He  is the master of the lyrical. You know you have experienced something life changing and unique.

Learning to Breathe - £8.00

Prairie Cover

Tales from a Prairie Journal

Rita Jerram

Price £10.00

Edith Jerram, Rita's grandmother, left her rural Derbyshire village in 1884 to join her fiancι in Canada. Edith’s journals graphically describe  life on the Canadian prairies, documenting the hardships and heartbreak of rural living.

Tales from a Prairie Journal - £10.00

Beauty Cover

The Problem with Beauty

Tanya Nightingale

Price £8.00

From fractured fairy tales to a Chilean mine disaster; from Edwardian folk magic to earthquakes and war zones; Tanya transports us to different dimensions.

The Problem with Beauty - £8.00

Parrots Cover

The Ordinaryness of Parrots

Amina Alyal

Price £8.00

A long awaited first collection from the widely published Amina Alyal, who draws from history, art and everyday life to offer new perspectives on old themes, writing with wit and carefully controlled fire.

The Ordinaryness of Parrots - £8.00

New Crops from Old Fields Front

New Crops from Old Fields

Ed. Oz Hardwick

Price £10.00

Eight Medieval scholars write contemporary poetry informed by their knowledge of medieval times and ideas but which are relevant to modern readers. All eight writers are well known as contemporary poets.

New Crops from Old Fields - £10.00


Throwing Mother in the Skip

William Thirsk-Gaskill

Price £7.00

With deadpan humour, and at times, with great sympathy, William Thirsk-Gaskill shows us what it's like to be the young son of a much older dad; reflects on life, love, marriage; and on who we are, what we discard, and who we become as time passes.

Throwing Mother in the Skip - £7.00

Satires Cover


Andy Humphrey

Price £7.00

Satires take a wry look at the politics of life, love and loss in austerity Britain. A pantomine rat sets out his election manifesto, the ghost of John Betjeman advises the estate agents of Milton Keynes, and a parade of frustrated poets confront the Big Society head-on with dreams of a better tomorrow

Out of Print

Border 7 Cover

Border 7

Pauline Kirk

Price £10.00

Jude is a skilled member of The Corporation's security force. Cracks are beginning to appear in the system and dissatisfaction is growing.  In this world of subterfuge, traitors and spies, trusting the wrong person can be a death sentence.

Border 7 - £10.00

Homeless Front Cover


Price £8.00

Poignant and shocking stories expressing the reality of being without a safe and dependable place to stay illustrating the horrors young people face day after day. Stories that make for absorbing, thought-provoking reading.

Homeless - £8.00

Geology of Desire

The Geology of Desire

Clint Wastling

Price £10.00

David witnesses his ex and her boyfriend being pushed over the cliff at Whitby Abbey by a policeman he has known all his life.

The Geology of Desire - £10.00

HL Front Cracked 2a


Shaunna Harper

Price £10.00

Luke Kennedy and Seb, his only friend, travel to his hometown in midwest America, a trip that will force him to confront his past and face demons he thought he’d left behind.

Homelands - £10.00

Crow Cover 3a

When the Crow Cries

Maxine Ridge

Price £10.00

What would you do if you found a doorway to another world? Breaking the barriers across time and space may be fun at first but the key to get back is lost and they can't get home until that moment When the Crow Cries.

When the Crow Cries - £10.00

Close Disharmony Cover 3

Close Disharmony

PJ Quinn

Price - £9.50

In this third DI Ambrose novel, a famous close harmony choir visits Chalk Heath, tensions are rife. DI Paul Ambrose feels a sense of foreboding, but is powerless to prevent the murder of one of the singers.

Close Disharmony - £9.50

Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else

Don Walls

Price - £8.00

That deep voice, wise and witty, urbane and erudite, willing to shock yet evoking the laughter that comes from recognised truth.

Somewhere Else - £8.00

SIF Cover 2

Sometimes I Fly

Tim Goldthorpe

Price - £7.00

The perception of a man viewing the world through a distorted lens. Limited by what he can do and where he can go, but freed to see things as they are, not as we would like them to be.

Sometimes I Fly - £7.00

Still Life Front Cover 1a

Still Life with Wine and Cheese

Price - £8.00

Shipping - £1.50

An anthology of writing about France and the French inspired by our love for our dearest cousins and the visit by the Tour de France to Yorkshire.

Still Life with Wine and Cheese - £8.00

Skidive Front Cover


Andrew Brown

Price - £8.00

Stories: by turns poignant, hilarious, spooky, edgy but always observant: this collection is a real treat.

Skydive - £8.00

The Chocolate Factory Front Cover

Chocolate Factory

Price - £7.00

Chocolate Factory is a bittersweet assortment of short stories created by young writers between the ages of 11 - 18 on the theme of chocolate and human rights.

Contact Stairwell Books for details of how to purchase this book.

Wine Dark Final with text adjusted4 reduced compressed

Wine Dark, Sea Blue

A. L. Michael


Wine Dark, Sea Blue is about being what people need you to be, and what happens when all those obligations start to blur. Do you keep the secrets, or do you break?

Wine Dark, Sea Blue - £10.00

Taking the Long Way Home Front Cover reduced

Taking the Long Way Home

Steve Nash

Price - £7.00


This book takes us into the uniquely thrilling world of Steve Nash. Steve's poems have been widely published, deservedly so. In these pages favourites and fresh new pieces are brought together into a single spine-chilling first collection illustrated with razor sharp perception.

Taking the Long Way Home - £7.00

Her House Front Cover

Her House

Donna Marie Merritt

Price £7.00

The author of the Poetry for Tough Times series (Avalon Press) offers a wider range of poems in this collection, celebrating life, nature, and love.

Her House - £7.00


Rosie and John’s Magical Adventure

Ryedale Schools

Price - £10.00

A Magical tale of adventure written by 5-7 year old children from Ryedale District, North Yorkshire.

Rosie and John's Magical Adventure - £10.00

Poison Pen Cover Mockup

Poison Pen

PJ Quinn

Price - £9.50

This charming sequel to PJ Quinn’s first DI Ambrose Mystery, Poison Pen, takes Ambrose under cover at a writers’ retreat in Chalk Heath to determine the circumstances leading to a suspicious death on an Indian railway train.

Poison Pen - £9.50

York 800 Front Cover

poetry, artwork and photographs

Price - £8.00


A collection of poems, artwork and photographs commissioned for the 800th anniversary of the City's charter.

York: poetry artwork and Photographs- £8.00

Ghost Front Cover 2 small

Pressed by Unseen Feet

Price - £8.00

This anthology is a collection of poetry and short stories with a paranormal theme and explores the space our spirits KNOW is there, even though we cannot prove or disprove its existence.

Pressed by Unseen Feet - £8.00

suburbia front cover

Scenes from the Seedy Underbelly of Suburbia

Jackie Simmons

Price - £10.00

Enter the deceptively charming world of Small Town USA, where whisky is hidden behind the potted plants, and heroin is hidden in a messy room.

Scenes from the Seedy Underbelly of Suburbia - £10.00

Late Flowering Front Cover

Late Flowering

Michael Hildred

Price - £12.00

Artist and poet Michael Hildred takes you on a Journey from wartime Britain to his own late flowering. This book is illustrated by the author with drawings integrated with the poems.

Late Flowering - £12.00

Foul Play Front Cover

Foul Play

PJ Quinn

Price - £9.00

DI Ambrose is sent to investigate the murder of the leading lady at the bomb damaged Chalk Heath Theatre.

Out of Print

Chickenbus Front Cover

Gringo on the Chickenbus

Tim Ellis

Price - £6.50

A the poetic record of Tim and Robbie's adventures in South America. This volume is exquisitely illustrated by Robbie who is a fantastic artist.

Gringo on the Chickenbus - £6.50

Iron Veins Front Page

Along the Iron Veins

Price - £6.50

This anthology of poetry, prose and pictures celebrates the essential nature of the railways in forming Victorian England

Along the Iron Veins - £6.50

Published Greenman Front Coversetup

The Green Man Awakes

Price - £6.00

A short anthology of poems celebrating the legends of the Green Man, a forest manifestation celebrated by many cultures world wide

The Green Man Awakes - £7.00

Fosdyke Front Cover

Fosdyke and Me
and other Poems

John Gilham

Price - 7.00

John Gilham shares his adventures with the mythical and somewhat hapless Fosdyke. This book includes some of John Gilham’s piercing work about the consequences of war on the community.

Fosdyke and Me and Other Poems - £7.00


A Day at the Races

N.E. David

Price - £6.00

A gritty drama of deceit, determination and revenge played out on the Epsom Downs. We’ve all wondered what the lads do when they’re let out on their own...

A Day at the Races - £6.00

Feria Front Cover


N.E. David

Price £6.00

An uproarious comedy set in the heart of Spain involving three vats of paella, a marching band and a herd of mountain goats.

Feria - £6.00

Carlol's Christmas Front cover

Carol’s Christmas

N.E. David

Price - £6.00

The heart warming tale of a father, a daughter, a pair of ice skates and a set of flashing lights.

Carol's Christmas - £6.00

Frisson Front Page


Price - £6.00

An anthology of erotic poems from The Exhibitionists published to coincide with their Erotic Poetry Night at the 2010 York Literature Festival

frisson - £6.00

Butterflies Front Cover

Running with Butterflies

John Walford

Price - £6.50

John Walford's wry take on the human condition recording the world with the same sardonic eye that served so well as Wally the cartoonist.

Running with Butterflies - £6.50

Exhibitionist Front cover10-27

The Exhibitionists

Price - £7.00

The anthology of poems that gave birth to The Exhibitionists, a team of writers and performers from The Spoken Word Open Mic that takes place at the Exhibition Hotel Conservatory in Bootham York

The Exhibitionists - £7.00

First Tuesday Front Cover cover

A First Tuesday in Wilton

Price - £6.00

An anthology of poems from Connecticut writers some whom are well known in the USA including the late Gus Stepp.

A First Tuesday in Wilton - £6.00